Beshert = It's A God Thing!


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Oct. 30, 2022

Beshert! What does it mean? Have you ever experienced something that was truly extra-ordinary? Like, there would be absolutely NO WAY you would have ever imagined that thing happening in a million years? Some would call that "a God thing" or an event that could have only occurred because God was in the details. That is what beshert means--a God thing! Ever since the beginning of time, God shared specific promises for His people and for those who would open their hearts to Him. And ever since the beginning of time, those promises have been unfolding. Whether we know it or not, those same promises have influenced today's current events in a way that anyone who is watching could only describe as "a God thing"! So what are you and I supposed to do about that...? We do not own the rights to music or video content used in our services.