Shining Through Political Darkness


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Oct. 02, 2022

The nation is sharply divided on the subject of politics. That is an understatement!

a glance, there are at least 5-6 prevailing responses at the polls when it comes time to vote. And it is important to participate in the voting process, even if one feels cynical about the process itself.

But what did Jesus have to say about who we should give our allegiance to? Why does it even matter? Could there be something that people have not even considered in all of these heated arguments that society finds itself wrapped up in these days?

Today, Hope City is excited to welcome Dave Drum as he shares a different perspective on these conversations, from his latest book: Peace Talks.

Dave is the founder of J17 Ministries, a pastor to pastors, and a great unifier in a sharply divided nation. You can find his book, Peace Talks, on Amazon. And you can look for Dave's other books: Jesus' Surprising Strategy & If It Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn't Have Prayed For It.

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