Who's got your back?


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Oct. 23, 2022

Where are you seeing success in your personal life right now? How about your spiritual life? Those things are not separate, by the way. In fact, they are interrelated! A coach once told me "What you focus on is what grows." Are you focused on problems right now? Or are you strategically planning how you are going to grow in specific ways? What you focus on is what grows! Who's got your back right now? This is the person that is checking in with you, asking the hard questions, and loves you enough to be honest with you, but also gracious when you find yourself on the struggle bus and need someone to help you find your way back. This is no time to be the victim. We are all struggling and we all have good reasons for that, but it is time to identify who's got your back! We do not own the rights to music or video content used in our services.