Wide Open: The Spirit of Generosity


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service

Nov. 06, 2022

How open are you to the idea of seeing God do what only He can do, in EVERY area of your life? This question might lead a person to think about physical health. Right now, it might bring to mind a need for a greater level of emotional health. But how much thought is given to personal growth when it comes to money and managing one's finances? There is an interesting verse that seems to link how a person manages their money and that same person's capacity for spiritual growth. But why? Could there be a connection between our generosity, here and now, and the true riches we will experience together in eternity? Listen to what God has to share with you through His Word and find out what many people in the Church may have misunderstood about this principle of managing money. We do not own the rights to music or video content used in our services.